A Swiss agricultural startup has piloted the usage of a non-fungible token for slicing down the prices of trading grain. The device applied via Swiss company Cerealia SA sees the tokens reportedly subsidized via 30,000 metric lots of Mexican white corn.

Although the Cerealia platform simplest facilitates two-way offers on the time being, an upcoming addition will permit for third-parties to business and speculate on grain offers the usage of the token. A virtual device naturally reduces the prices incurred via grain investors in executing offers, akin to garage charges, whilst decreasing the onus on bureaucracy.

The tokens had been reportedly utilized by Mexican company Mercanta, representing grain it had saved at a neighborhood warehouse. Other grain holders and business properties can factor their very own model of the token, which will then business on Cerealia’s platform whilst appearing as a marker for precise grain held.

Cerealia leader running officer Filipe Pohlmann Gonzaga stated the tokenized device may open up virtual grain trading to the likes of banks, hedge finances and different buyers, with out them having to take bodily supply of the grain.

Cerealia has reportedly attracted purchasing passion for round 6 million lots of grain because it introduced in November 2020, consistent with BNN Bloomberg. The company has a presence in with regards to 30 other international locations, together with Brazil, Egypt and Ukraine, and is anticipated to enlarge into Singapore and sub-Saharan Africa subsequent.


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