An IT safety researcher has been ready to conform Nintendo’s first primary hand-held sport console to mine cryptocurrency.

According to a contemporary YouTube video, user Stacksmashing used the {hardware} from a Nintendo Game Boy first launched in 1989 as a kick off point to mine Bitcoin (BTC). Because the gaming console has no integrated wi-fi features — and in large part predates the web — the YouTuber mentioned he used a Raspberry Pi microcontroller board connected to the Game Boy’s hyperlink port and a USB flash card to ascertain a connection to a BTC node run from his laptop.

Screenshot from YouTube

“My goal was to use an original, unmodified Game Boy,” mentioned Stacksmashing. “I want to plug in a cartridge, and start mining.”

Stacksmashing wrote his personal mining code for the Game Boy’s read-only reminiscence, built-in mining instrument — changed for the gaming console — and ran a BTC node on his laptop. The end result was once nonces getting incremented at the console’s inexperienced display, appearing the rig was once making an attempt to mine crypto.

“The hash rate is pretty impressive, roughly 0.8 hashes per second,” mentioned Stacksmashing, explaining: 

“If you compare that to a modern ASIC miner, which comes in at around 100 Terahashes per second, you can see that we are almost as fast, only off by a factor of roughly 125 trillion. At this rate, it should only take us a couple of quadrillion years to mine a Bitcoin.”Screenshot from YouTube

Many crypto fans had been having a look to gaming consoles so that you can mine BTC or different cryptocurrencies for a while, however on the whole the methods are neither designed nor advertised in opposition to miners. Earlier this month, a Chinese instrument developer perceived to have pranked the crypto area via claiming to have mined Ether (ETH) the usage of a PlayStation 5. Last 12 months, builders from 1st Playable denied rumors certainly one of its video games might be used to hijack Nintendo’s Switch console to mine BTC.

Stacksmashing’s makes an attempt to make use of an 8-bit gaming console to mine crypto will have been simply for the revel in, however he has mentioned on Twitter he’s now not completed but. Already the IT safety researcher claims to have used Nintendo’s Super Game Boy — an adapter launched in 1994 that permits unique Game Boy video games to be performed at the Super Nintendo Entertainment System — to mine BTC in a lot the similar means.

“Obviously, mining Bitcoin on a Game Boy is everything but profitable, but I learned a lot of things while building this, and definitely had a ton of fun.”


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