We are the global team of investors in traditional assets and venture projects.

4 years ago we started our investment portfolio in cryptocurrency and increased our initial capital several times. What is most important, our team accumulated significant experience in investment in digital assets and Blockchain based startups. For now our long-term interests are in the area of investment in Cryptomining industry, in Blockchain startups and participating in Initial Coin Offering(ICO).

The Cryptocurrency market is very similar to the stock market, in turn, all ICOs are similar to venture projects with their risks and possible profitability.

We are convinced that without sufficient information on projects, investments will be very risky.

Therefore, we decided to create a service that will help all kind of investors to obtain necessary and sufficient information about ICO from technical to financial perspective. We believe, that investing in the ICO is currently one of the most promising areas of investment not only in the cryptoworld, but in the world as a whole. The latest trends in the market and the growth of investment by large institutional investors confirm this.

You can always contact us by e-mail (info@icoinspect.com) or feedback form and ask any questions about ICO, Cryptocurrency and Cryptomining.

We are very glad to receive your suggestions about improving our service.


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